Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Highlights

  • The weather, lately, has been beautiful! It may be September, but it finally feels like Summer around here.

  • Saturday brought Target, local orchards, and some flea markets. Luckily, the flea market was the only bust.

  • I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do love the local teams, so we propped ourselves in front of the TV on Saturday night to watch the Oregon Ducks take on LSU. While it was fun to have football season start, the ending was not as we hoped {better luck next week, Ducks!}.

  • I got to spend all of church holding my adorable niece and, as usual, that made all other worries melt away.

  • Sleeping in is always a blessing, but there is something about sleeping in on a typical work day to make it a little bit sweeter.

  • My productive side went into overdrive on Monday --- gym, haircut for Sam, catching up on past TV shows, photobook making, pant alterations, and more.

  • Then we ended the day where we're always at on Monday nights, the Charles & Kristi's house. Good food, good conversation, and trashy TV {Bachelor Pad}!

Overall, a quality weekend. And while I love a long weekend like anyone else, I'm finding it makes for a longer work week too {perhaps it has something to do with cramming 5 working days into 4...}. Who knows, maybe this week will surprise me!

Happy Tuesday!

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