Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

A few things to note this week:
*Fall appears to have me reaching for the darker clothes.
*With the temperatures dropping, you'd think I'd want to spend time under the blow dryer, styling my hair {to keep warm in the morning}, but I'm finding myself wanting to stay in bed as long as I can, which results in a pony tail at least 3 days last week.
*Someone picked up 5 beautiful scarfs from NYC for me and I can't wait to rotate them in to my basic wardrobe. I love accessories!

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy {as usual} - Happy Wednesday!

{sweater: Anthropologie; tee: Target; jeans: Banana Republic; heels: Seychelles}

{sweater: J.Crew; dress: Ann Taylor Loft; socks: Target; boots: Target}

{scarf: NYC; sweater: Ann Taylor Loft; top: Anthropologie; leggings: Target; flats: Land's End Canvas}

{sweater: gift from MIL; tee + pants: Anthropologie; boots: Target}

{sweater + tee: Anthropologie; jeans: Banana Republic outlet: shoes: Toms}

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