Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm currently...

WATCHING: the hours tick by until I'm on my way to spend the weekend with my mom.  I booked this trip early last month so I would have something to look forward to and it couldn't come at a better time.  However, I am sad to leave Sam for three days...

PLANNING: out what our spring & summer might look like.  So far there is a weekend at the coast, photographing our first wedding, birthdays to celebrate, a trip to Texas, and a possible hot air balloon ride.  And that's just until June!

WORKING ON: making more intentional connections with people, whether in person or through the Internet.  Sometimes this looks like a phone call/text/email checking in with someone & planning a time to meet up (if possible).  And other times it just looks like a comment left on a blog post that really spoke to me.  Either way, my goal is to not be someone who sits back and lurks.

READING: the lastest Emily Giffin book, "Where We Belong".  Yes I started it over 6 months ago, but with everything that has been going on, I haven't had a chance to complete it yet.  I'm hoping this weekend's flights will help me finish this book.

FEELING: peace with where we're at right now.  Of course, I wish life was different, but because I can't do anything to change what happened, I am trying to be content with where we're at.  Not only is this our physical location, but, more importantly, emotionally as well.

PINNING: pieces of art that I'd love to own for our home; recipes that both fit our new eating plan & some that don't; and words of wisdom to help me get through the tough times.

INSPIRED BY: lots of bloggers lately! To name a couple from this week... Amy at Chapters, Diana at Hormonal Imbalances, AP at I Love You More Than Carrots and Erin at Blue Eyed Bride.  I am so thankful there are women out there who are willing to share their lives with complete strangers, like me.

REMEMBERING: what we were doing two months ago today... saying goodbye to our little girl.  Hands down, the worst day of my life and one I will never forget.  While I spoke about feeling peace above, I have to be honest in saying that I still feel angry sometimes too.  Even though I know she's in a better place now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish she was still in our arms.  Thank you to those who also remembered today!

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  1. You've been on my mind lately, and I appreciate the update. {hugs}

    Have fun with your mom, and please give her a hug for me!