Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Thoughts

For some reason, I’m having a hard time believing it is Friday already.

Maybe it’s because we had Monday off so my days are kind of thrown off a little.  Or maybe the week was just so busy it flew by. 

Regardless, I’ll take it!

If you’re here reading this post, you might notice a couple changes to this space:
  1. A new web address – I went from ‘’ to ‘’ after I realized the link & title of my blog just really didn’t link together in anyway.  The change was pretty easy (just an update through Blogger’s settings), but that means that if you normally read my blog through some sort of reader, you will need to update the new web address.
  2. A new design – along with the new streamlined web address, I thought an updated design would be nice.  And thanks to Caked Designs on Etsy, Grable Tales got an updated look that is both simple & pretty to look at (in my opinion).
What do you think of the changes?

Not only did I update my blog this week, but I also streamlined the rest of my social media outlets as well.  Part of the reason for all this change was to make it easier for followers to find me if they wanted (same name(s) everywhere), but the change also came about because... I will be attending my first blogging conference in September!   That’s right, after talking, thinking, praying about it for the last month, I purchased my ticket for the Influence Conference.  To find out a little more about it, check out their conference FAQ post.

In other news…

Several months back, Sam was approached to photograph his first wedding and after some thought, decided to take the job.  Well, the wedding is on Saturday (as in tomorrow!) and while he appears pretty calm, cool, & collected about all of it, I (his designated second shooter) am anxiously praying that everything goes smoothly and we’re able to get all the shots we want to.  Will you say a little prayer for us?

In normal Friday fashion, here are a few of the blog posts that caught my attention this week:

  • I’m a sucker for good food photography and Jenna at Eat, Live, Run has me drooling all over my keyboard with every post.  This week, she shared her recipe for thin mint cookies and as someone who missed the Girl Scouts this year (sort of on purpose), I might have to give this recipe a try just to get my fix!
  • This isn’t new or original, but I am really into the chambray/denim trend lately, but am not always sure I can pull it off.  Insert Lindsey from The Kubly Girl.  Not only is she adorable in whatever she puts on, she also shares secrets that help others look cute too!  This week she posted on rolling your sleeves like a J.Crew model, which is not only stylish, but a lot easier to do than I thought.  Maybe following her steps will give me more confidence with this trend…
  • Lastly, Ashlee from Where My Heart Resides wrote a post this week on a topic that has been on my mind for the last couple years – friendships and fighting for them.  It was a very well-written piece and I’d encourage everyone to check it out if they’ve every hurt a friend or been hurt by one.

So that’s what I’m thinking about this week.  What's grabbed your attention this week?

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  1. Cute, cute, cute redesign.

    And - own that chambray!