Monday, February 24, 2014

4moms: Share Your Story

Like with many things, I first heard about 4moms through the blogging world. Although I wasn't pregnant at the time, their products stood out among other baby products because they were innovative & unique to say the least. One thing I knew, I planned to register for some of their products when the time came.

Fast forward to last month. Before I got a chance to put my most desired 4moms item on our registry (the mamaRoo), I received an email saying I had won one simply by sharing my story on their site!

And about a week later, a brand new mamaRoo was waiting on my porch. I couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about, whether the baby was here yet or not, so I took a chance, opened the box, & tried putting the it together myself.

And before I knew it (about 15-20 minutes), the mamaRoo was set up & ready to go!

Unfortunately, this mamaRoo has been used by any real babies yet (just a couple stuffed animals), but all the reviews I've read have been more than promising and make me really excited for our baby boy to try it out in a couple months. Until then, I'll smile a little every time I walk by this amazing gift from the 4moms team!

Disclaimer: I wasn't asked to share about this by 4moms, but just wanted to share my thoughts & feelings.


  1. That's so nice! My parents bought us a mamaroo when we had Rowan, and we love it -- so did she, when she was small enough to use it! I can't wait to use it on future babies, if they fit into God's plan for our lives!

  2. Thank you Courtney! I hope my little guy loves the mamaRoo as much as Rowan!