Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Influence Conference 2014

Last September, I returned home from the Influence Conference empowered, filled up, and looking forward.  I didn't know where God was going to lead me, but I finally understood that I had influence and was praying for an opportunity to share.

Fast forward to a couple weeks after the conference: I received an email from Jessi asking if I'd be interested in serving the network via their Twitter & Facebook accounts.  I was shocked to even be considered, but completely honored at the same time and continue to be blessed daily by the women I get to meet & interact with via the Influence Network's social media.

Around November, I started thinking about following year's conference and ended up buying my ticket during the Black Friday sale. Honestly, I can't remember if I even did the math on how old my baby would be, but it didn't matter. I just knew the impact the last one had on me and felt like it was important enough to try to attend.

When conference information started rolling out this summer, I began to wonder if I could actually make this trip happen. I was deep in new motherhood and feeling pretty scared of going alone with my baby. As a last hope/joke, I asked my best friend (also a new mom) if she wanted to join me in Indianapolis & help with Calvin and to my surprise, she said yes! And from there I felt like everything just came together...

Now, on the other side of it, I know there was a reason everything came together.  God wanted me at the conference and He made it happen.  Putting words to what I learned & experienced just days after something like this is hard for me to do, but a list of my favorites? I can totally do that!

My #InfluenceConf 2014 Top 5

1. Worship --- For the second year in a row, I was brought to tears during the conference worship time.  There is something about singing in a room full of 300+ God-loving women that just moves you in the best way.

2. The Mom's Suite, hosted by Thrive Moms --- This space was a total blessing!  Even though our room wasn't far, having a place to feed, change, & play with Calvin just a few steps away from the conference was wonderful.  Some of my best conversations of the conference happened in that room with women who are in similar stages of life as I.

3. The Message Revival session on home
--- I wasn't sure what to expect with the revival sessions, but ended up walking away a page full of ideas on how to make my home a place that works for my family & I, such as dedicated date nights with my husband (even if they are at home after the kids go to bed) and organizing my home so it functions best for everyone who lives there.

4. Lara Casey's mini-Making Things Happen session --- I didn't know of Lara Casey before last year's conference, but on a whim I attended her session and was blown away by her southern charm & inspiring ideas.  This year, the network hosted a members-only event where Lara gave us a glimpse of her own conference - Making Things Happen, which intends to "fire people up to make bold decisions towards their best lives and empower them to step into their fears instead of away from them".  And that it did!  The feeling in the room was vulnerable, but hopeful, as women admitted their fears and discovered how to overcome them.  Definitely a night I'm still processing through.

5. A (small) glimpse into the behind the scenes --- Last year, I remember thinking to myself a number of times, "how did they put this conference on?"  As a do-er, I love helping to put feet to someone else's ideas.  So this year, being involved on the social media side, I was able to see a tiny part of what the core team goes through to bring a message to 300 women.  And it's inspiring!  Thank you Hayley, Jessi, Ashley, Lindsey, Rachael, & Moriah.

Honorable mention: my best friend, Kelly
--- I'm so thankful she said yes to flying across the country with our babies (five & seven months old), hanging out in a hotel room, and watching Calvin anytime I asked.  I already knew she was the best, but now everyone knows.  Kel - are you ready to come back with me next year? ;)

So tell me... If you attended the conference, what was your top moments?  And if you didn't attend, do you have any questions I might be able to answer? Leave a comment or send me an email.


  1. I love this list! Such a good way to begin to organize thoughts while still trying to process them!! This was my first year at the conference, and I am just blown away. So much going on in my head and heart, but what has impacted me most of all was just the people that I met and the conversations that I had. So much goodness! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am loving reading everyones testimonies of their time at the confrence. It's making me want to go next year. You cute mama's with your little babes are amazing and inspiring for flying out there with your little ones. Thanks for sharing. Fun finding all of you on the linkup.

  3. I am thinking of attending my first next year... I've attended SHESPEAKS before with over 800 women.. and I know this is smaller.. on a smaller scale... but tell me.. how intimate was it?? were you able to meet new friends and forge new networks and relationships? Were you able to really feel GOD in it all?? I'm thinking of joining the network tomorr on the 1st when my hubby gets paid... should I do it?? love, bonita http://bonitarose.com

    1. Hi Bonita,
      There were about 300 women at the Influence Conference this year, which was an increase from the 250 last year. I've heard they might increase it to 400 next year, but it would still be smaller than most conferences I've heard of. With that in mind, I felt like it was really easy to make friends & network without feeling too overwhelmed. The nice thing I found was that it isn't all business at this conference - it's much more about glorifying God.

      I would definitely recommend joining the network because for 51 weeks out of the year, that is your community and while it's nice to get to be in person once a year, it's really encouraging to meet & network online as well.

      If you have more questions, please let me know!

  4. Love your list, Meaghan, and really loved getting to spend time with you and Calvin this year. I'm so thankful for you!