Thursday, April 19, 2007

Disappointment... it finds me often. A little too often, if you ask me, but sadly, I've learned to expect it in almost any situation.

From family troubles to friend troubles to life-in-general troubles, disappointment pops up all the time. I try to avoid it. I try to tell myself that I am happy and that everything works out in their own way. But in the end, I'm generally disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm learning that I need to persevere through the disappointment and find happiness, but life and God are just testing me in ways I can always figure out.

Today, I was disappointed. Royally disappointed. Disappointed in a department, disappointed in a project, disappointed in a professor. Everything that I had been told and believed to be true about our senior capstone business was shattered when we received that e-mail this afternoon. No offense to the team, but I'm not sure they should have won.

And I'm not saying that because Quaker Apparel should have been the team that won, but most of our classmates would probably agree with me in that another team should have won. I heard a handful of people specifically say that they were very upset about the decision, which is comforting, but doesn't change the fact of who the winning team was. It did help, for my sanity, that my team was behind me in being upset as well. We were all disappointed... and that sucks! It is not the way I wanted to end the class, but because it happened, there isn't much I can say or do now.

God, please help me forgive and move on because right now I feel like crying and yelling at everyone there last night. Please take this burden away and help me realize that we (Phil, Tim, Kelsey, and I) executed a fantastic business and as my friends told me today, the students knew who we were and enjoyed our product. I still smile when I see one of our t-shirts being worn... Thank you George Fox for accepting our idea and helping us make a profit.

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  1. Dude! It was a freaking sick awesome sweet business idea you guys had! :)