Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tonight I had the privilege to have dinner with a dear friend whom has changed my life tremendously over the last year. We laughed. We teared up. We enjoyed each other's company. It was glorious beyond belief.

One thing she asked me was what I was going to miss most after graduation and after all the tears and frowns that have been had over the thought of graduation, I wasn't quite sure I could compose what that one missed thing would be.

I quickly flashed back to what makes me laugh and smile the most -- my friends! I've made some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I found friends who will hopefully be friends for a lifetime. I've shared experiences with each one of them that I will never forget. And after graduation, those times will begin to decrease at an increasing rate.

No longer will we be 5 minutes away from each other. No longer will we be able to snuggle on a couch until 3 in the morning. No longer will we be able to share each other's clothes. No longer...

As the tears start rolling down my cheeks, I try to think back to the good times. If I can only hold on to those for a little longer I might be ok... for a while anyways. I love my friends more than most things in life. They have been the kind you would kill for. The kind you long for. The kind that make you smile at the mere thought of them.

Thank you, I believe you all know who you are. You have changed my life and I hope the life changing continues when we grow up... maybe...


  1. i'm in christian foundations so i can't cry..
    but i'm sniffling.
    and i love you.

    a million times...i love you.

    thanks for last night.
    you have no idea the things i think of you.


  2. thanks for your words yesterday- you have no idea how encouraging they were.

    I love you!