Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I miss these three girls. Period. Sometimes I think to myself, how did I get so lucky to meet these amazing women? Thank you George Fox for bringing us all together.

On the left is Bethany, my travel mate. Although she's been all over the world, the two missions trips I took in college were with Bethany and I'm not too sure I would have made it through them without her. She's always the one passing you the "are you ok?" smile and I love it... makes me feel ok =). Currently, Bethany is working with Invisible Children, a passion of hers from some time now.

In the middle, we have Kelly, my best friend. We met our freshman year and were roommates sophomore, junior, & senior year. We've been through ups & downs, but still grew closer together in the end. As I type, Kelly is finishing up her last month in Thailand, working with women coming out of the sex trade industry.

And on the right leaves Chelsea. We met my junior year, her sophomore year, while helping with the homeless on Friday nights. There was something instant between us - we just clicked. I think there is something about us both being hopeless romantics and scaredy cats. Chelsea is over in Uganda, Africa at the moment, using her major (social work) to help those in need.

That's right, I admire my friends who are completely self-less and giving everything they have to those who need it most. I miss them every day, but know that we'll all be together again someday. I love you Bethany, Kelly, & Chelsea! Keep on keeping on... You three are awesome!


  1. I miss them too but I miss my sweet, strong wonderful daughter more! xxxooo

  2. oh meggers.
    i just read this. I don't know how i missed it before.
    and oof. my heart.

    less than a month!!!! LESS THAN A MONTH!

    love you.