Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last weekend I mentioned we were getting some snow, but this week proved to be worse than most my years in Bend... at least as far as I can remember. We're snowed in... kind of. There has been a mix of snow/rain/ice for the last seven days and I'm kind of sick of it. Shoot me, but I'm not a snow person... that's why I moved away from Bend (not really, but let's pretend for the sake of the post, okay?), the snow capital of Oregon.

Unfortunately, I had to work all week. ALL week! While most businesses in the Salem/Portland area were closed or delayed, I was working away in my cubicle. We did have a day that we left at 3:30pm instead of 4:30pm, but I don't count that. Then there was the day that I went to work at 7:30am and was informed at 8:00am that we didn't have to be there until 10:00am. Whatever! I got through the day and it's the weekend.

On Saturday, Sam & I decided we wouldn't go anywhere because of the snow/rain/ice. It really worked. We had a good, warm day at home and got SO much done - Yay for productivity! We cleaned, we cooked, we worked out, and I even got a nice hot bath in. Sam's brother, Matt, came to spend the night at our house so we could all attend the Edgren Family Christmas Party in Sandy on Sunday, but snow was once again ruining our plans... back to that later. Anyways, we ate some dinner and then headed down the road to the Weather's house for some game show action. The walk there was beautiful - despite the large amounts of snow/rain/ice. The walk home, however, was still beautiful, but with a bit more ice. Make that a sheet of ice covering EVERYTHING.

Now it being Sunday & all, we're still not sure we'll make it to Sandy, but I think we might try. Being from Bend, I've grown used to having to have snow (studded) tires on my car, but never thought I'd have to have them on in the Valley. We'll see how this little adventure goes... stay tuned!

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