Thursday, October 8, 2009


5 years ago today. A day I once thought was just like any of the before. A day that now holds a "life changing" title. A day I (or my mom) will ever forget.

5 years ago today. I was driving home for the long weekend, mid-semester break. I recall getting up, packing up the car, and hitting the road. I remember a few landmarks along the first hour of my trip home, but once I passed the (one & only) rest stop, my memory stops. That is until I remember opening my eyes to my tiny Volkswagen New Beetle flipping midair and landing right side up against a tree, a mile away from the road. I had fallen asleep at the wheel.

5 years ago today. My initial thoughts were blank. I sat staring at the shattered windshield for what felt like hours (although looking back later, I'm sure it was only seconds) . My first reaction was to get myself out of the car and get help. Two men had seen my car and stopped up on the road. They asked me one question: "Is anyone else still in there?" They also told me that when they first saw my mangled car, they braced themselves for the worse (i.e. death) . They picked up my stuff (which was thrown all around my car from the tumbling) and drove me to the nearest town to call for help (because there is little to no cell service for over half of the Santiam Pass) .

5 years ago today. I remember calling my mom and telling her I was in an accident, but okay. Still in shock, I told her the men who had found me (and whom I had just met) said they could drive me to Bend. She wasn't comfortable with that and decided she would come herself. The police & medics came to access the situation & care to my throbbing finger (the only injury I had) , therefore releasing the men who had, in a way, rescued me. Pictures of the car were taken and statements of what I could remember were given.

5 years ago today. I was still in shock, and pretty calm, up until my mom showed up and I couldn't hold myself together any longer. The medic told her what had happened and shared the pictures they had taken. He told her to keep me awake until they could get to a hospital to have me thoroughly checked out. With a slight headache, a throbbing finger, and uncontrollable tears, my mom and I drove the reamining way to Bend. Once there, we made the stops: filled out paperwork at the DMV, called the insurance company, and went to Urgent Care. Still going off of only a couple hours of sleep, all I wanted to do was close my eyes, but that was the last thing I could do. Hours later, I saw the doctor and they removed a quarter size piece of glass from my right pointer finger (the cause of my throbbing finger) . They also said that I probably didn't have a concusion (the reason I had to stay awake) , but to monitor me closely. Then we went home and I fell asleep for two days.

5 years ago today. I woke up and thought my day would be just like any other. But it wasn't. I almost died. There is no doubt in my mind that God was watching over me that day. And that there were more than enough reasons for me to still be here today, alive & healthy. Words could never express how thankful I am for what has been done in my life since then (growing closer to God & meeting Sam, to name a few) . Since 10.8.2004.


  1. Speechless! Thank you for sharing this life-changing event!!!