Thursday, October 15, 2009


This weekend, I was down for the count (as I mentioned here) . Weekends are pretty important to me because it allows me to catch up on all the housework I have neglected throughout the week. And of course, I could have planned ahead and had it all done on Friday (my day off) , but instead I spent it going to Sam’s dentist appointment, running errands, and mentally preparing myself for my own dental appointment.

After my surgery, I felt so horrible that I sat in our recliner for 2 days straight, only moving to go to the bathroom or go to bed. While sitting there, I kept referring to my mental list of everything that wasn’t going to get done this weekend: laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc. But I shouldn’t have even thought about it for a second because my {awesome} husband took my (mental) list and did everything & more without me having to saying a word. As dorky as it sounds, this really meant the world to me! Not only did he have the big task of taking care of me all weekend, but he found the time to tackle our weekend chores - I love him!

Thank you Sam!

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