Monday, November 14, 2011

Lily's First Dog Park

Since Friday was a holiday for both Sam & I {thank you to all the veterans out there!}, we took advantage of the free time to take Lily to her first dog park!

We'd both been a little hesitant to take her in the past because she's a small dog and is still learning to listen to us when we call. So when we arrived at the park, instead of letting her run free like most of the other dogs there, we decided to keep her on her leash and slowly get her used to the large number of dogs she'd meet there.

There was one trail around the dog park that was almost deserted, so we let Lily run leash-free for a little bit, making sure we weren't too far away from her though. This might have been her favorite part of the day - dog & leash-free :)

We already have future plans to get Lily out to the dog park again, in hopes that she'll become more socialized around other dogs & people. She's really a sweet pup, but can just be a little protective and sometimes skiddish around others. Here's to more dog park visits!

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