Monday, January 9, 2012

#janphotoaday Week 1

To those already on Instagram, I apologize for bombarding you with more #janphotoaday photos. But to those who aren't, you can find a little background here.

I was initially drawn to it because I hoped to take more pictures in 2012 and so far, it's really helped. In addition, it gives me a different subject to post each day, so hopefully others learn about me as I am learning about them. Win-win, right?

Here's the first week {+1 day} of my #janphotoaday, with details below:

+ Day 1 - me + New Years flowers!
+ Day 2 - one of my favorite cereals for breakfast.
+ Day 3 - something I adore + the only pieces of jewelry I wear every day!
+ Day 4 - our {rainy} letterbox

+ Day 5 - what I wore {today}
+ Day 6 - something that makes me smile {Sam's nicknames for me}
+ Day 7 - favourite {wearing a comfy old sweatshirt with memories}
+ Day 8 - your sky {foggy morning}

If you'd like to join along, my Instagram username is 'littlemeaggs'. And if you're participating in #janphotoaday, let me know because I'd love to follow you!

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