Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Beauty Tools

To be honest, this week's Life Well Lived question stumped me at first.  When I think of beauty tools, I instantly think of makeup, which I don't wear a lot of {i.e. none}.  But then I thought of what other tools make me feel beautiful and lo and behold, several came to mind.

First, one of my favorite beauty tools has to be the hair straightener.  Just recently, I purchased my first "professional" straightener and I can't put into words how much better my hair looks & feels after making the switch.  My hair is sort of a mixture between straight & wavy - straight in some parts and wavy/frizzy in others.  So in order to get one consistent look, my straightener is a must have wherever I go!

Second on my list of favorite beauty tools is my face moisturizer.  My morning face routine is actually pretty quick - wash, dry, & moisturize.  Out of those three steps, the third is my favorite because it leaves my face feeling hydrated & healthy, which in turn makes me feel like a hundred bucks!

Lastly, and maybe surprisingly, my toothbrush falls in the top three of my favorite beauty tools list.  As someone who had several years of braces and still is a frequent visitor at the dentist, my teeth are very valuable to me.  So taking the time to brush every one of them is very important and when they sparkle, my mood instantly picks up and I feel beautiful once again!

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