Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Hooray --- I managed to get a few more outfit photos in this week!  And while I'm still trying to get a little more creative with my closet, I am still proud to wake up each morning and put something {most of the time, pretty basic} together rather quickly, instead of looking at my closet and saying "I have nothing to wear!".  I really hope some of you will stick with me while I try to be a little more inventive with my wardrobe :)

{sweater: ShopRuche; jeans: Banana Republic outlet; shoes: Toms}

{scarf: NY street vendor; top: Gap; pants: Old Navy; flats: Land's End Canvas}

{tee: Anthropologie; jeans: Nordstrom; shoes: Toms}

And here is my Pinterest inspiration for the week:

And my interpretation:

{scarf: Target; sweater + jeans: Banana Republic outlet; tee: Anthropologie; flats: Clarks}

pleated poppy


  1. Hey Meaghan
    I love the first sweater! I am just discovering ShopRuche thanks to bloggers like yourself and am pretty excited about it.
    I started using my blog again. Check it out...

    1. Thanks Ashley! Can't wait to check out your blog!