Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Rules of Inheritance #BHBC

In my experience, death is never an easy thing to deal with.  It almost always opens up feelings and memories that may have been forgotten for one reason or another.  And the part that some do not always remember is that the process of grieving almost always takes longer to run its course than expected, which is demonstrated perfectly by Claire Bidwell Smith’s memoir“The Rules of Inheritance”.

Claire Bidwell Smith’s account of the five stages of grief that she experienced from age 14 to 32 over both her parent’s deaths touched me deeply.  From denial to acceptance, each chapter felt like a complete story in itself, yet in the end they all created one larger story.  Each personal account that was shared was so open and honest that I often found myself going through the emotions with her as I read on.

One of my favorite parts of the book was how Claire Bidwell Smith organized and wrote her story.  Even though it jumped from one time in her life to another with each chapter, it still flowed well and really kept my interest throughout the entire book.  I often found myself just wanting to read to see what was going to happen next, which is usually a sign of a good book when it comes to me.

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