Friday, June 22, 2012

Leap List Update

So remember the Leap List I wrote about almost 5 months ago?  Yeah, the one that I said I wanted to "hopefully" complete before starting a family... Well, our family is officially growing, but I'm not ready to give up on my list quite yet.  In fact, I have a few updates to post about.

Here is the original list {with updates}:

1. Update 'Grable Tales' blog design.
--- It's been since August 2010 since the look was last updated, so I think it's time. {done!}

2. Change my passport to show my married name.
--- I've been married for almost 4 years and haven't had a reason to, but now it's on my list. {done!}

* This one seemed more daunting than some of the other things, which is probably why I dragged my feet & waited almost 4 years to do it, but with an impending international flight, I was forced to cross this one off my list.  And you know what?  It wasn't that bad!  All I had to do was collect all the correct forms + paperwork and send it off to Pennsylvania and 4-6 weeks later, this little guy {shown below} was in my hands!  Feels good to have this last part of the name change completed & now I can anywhere I want!

3. Get a massage.
--- Never had a professional massage and would love at least one in my lifetime. {done!}

4. Run a 5k.
--- This one is scary to put out because I'm not a big runner, but I do think it might be fun. {my SIL said she would like to run one too, so it's still in conversation...}

5. Take a real vacation with my husband.
--- We never took a honeymoon and all our other vacations have been to visit family or friends, so I think we deserve a trip just our own.

6. Install new flooring in our house.
--- Our house came with a lot of carpet and we're ready for a change. {in process --- only the stairs to go!}

7. Write at least one handwritten note each month.
--- In the age of emails & texts, handwritten notes just feel more special.  And who doesn't love getting mail! {in process --- since February, I've written & sent at least one card/note a month, but still think I can do more...}

8. Make a quilt.
--- I have a sewing machine & enjoy the art of sewing, so why not! {maybe for the new baby?!?}

9. Have professional family pictures taken.
--- I love being able to see our life at a particular time in our life through someone else's lens.

10. Learn to play the piano.
--- One of my best friends is an awesome piano player, so I'm hoping some of her skills may rub off on me.

With almost half of my Leap List either done or in process, I'm feeling pretty good.  Of course, I won't complete all of these items before we meet the newest member of our family in December, but I'm going to keep plugging along & knocking as many out as I can.

Do you have a Leap List?  If so, how is it going? 

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