Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#photoadayjune Week 4

Well, it's that time again...  Another month {almost} completed. Another week of pregnancy under my belt.  And another set of prompts saved in my phone for the upcoming month.  Will I continue???  I guess you have to stay turned to see :)

+ Day 18 - something you don't know about me {I bought our baby's bedding before I got pregnant}
+ Day 19 - imperfect {scarred right pointer finger}
+ Day 20 - a fave photo I've taken {tiny Indian orphans + Ian}

+ Day 21 - where I slept
+ Day 22 - from a high angle {my in-law's stairs}
+ Day 23 - movement {fast as lightning}
+ Day 24 - on my mind {laundry... and lots of it}

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