Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To open my own Etsy shop or not?

A few weeks ago, Sam & I made the switch to AT&T and bought ourselves iPhones. Since this isn't a cheap investment, we took the necessary procautions to protect our new cell phones with cases almost immediately. The cases we chose (iFrogz Luxe Case, here) are excellent, but I was still wanting a little more protection from some of the dangers within my purse (i.e. keys) . As my go-to site for crafts-galore, Etsy provided me with pages of possibilities and choices. But then I realized that I could, maybe, possibly make my own sleeve for my iPhone. Enter my crafty feeling yesterday.

I didn't have a pattern going into this, just faith & an idea. I cut the fabric carefully, played around with it for a few minutes, and in less than 30 minutes I had my first finished iPhone sleeve. I couldn't believe how easy it came together and how inexpensive it was for me to make my own! Definitely a great learning experience of trusting my own instincts and practice with my sewing machine.

As with every project I've completed (total: 3) with my sewing machine, I wanted to show anyone (& everyone) who would listen. So, I posted a picture on Twitter & Facebook and received a couple comments back mentioning how I should think about selling my own sleeves on Etsy. While I love that idea of making something for someone else, I'm torn on whether mine would actually sell. See, when I was searching Etsy, I found various iPhone/iPod sleeves that were all awesome in their own ways, but do I want to add one more shop that sells the same thing as several others out there?

And this is where you come in, readers. What do you think... Should I make a few more & open my own Etsy shop? Or should I just make them for people I know/who ask for one? I'd love for your honest opinion, so thanks in advance!


  1. If you want to, do it! It's kind of ridiculously fun!

  2. do it meaghs. your case is cute! if i had an iPhone, i'd buy one : ) love you!

  3. Meaghan you should do it you have a unique flare with fashion. I think you would come up with something with your own signature look. I really like the one you did... How will you ever know if you don't try. You could train Sam how to bag them up maybe sent them with a fun unique piece of candy or something maybe a fun tiny button on them, monogram or something. I am sure you will do well!!! You could get Matt to crochet and you could make a lining. Whatever you do have fun and give it a whirl!!!