Friday, September 25, 2009

You can find me... at the dentist?

So as I mentioned here , my teeth are once again keeping me from living a happy, dentist-free life. From age 10 to 18, I spent a couple hours a month visiting some form of dentist. You name it, and I’ve had it done: Braces. Wisdom teeth removal. Retainers galore. And yet, my mouth STILL needs work!

It has been a couple years since my last dentist appointment (yes, bad me!) , but between graduating college, going to India, planning a wedding, and moving to a new town (not to mention just sick of the dentist in general) , the dentist was not far up on my list. I finally decided it was time to go and made an appointment for both Sam & I. Sam passed with flying colors, but I will be going back to the dentist as frequently as our insurance will pay for.

I won’t go into too much detail of what my future dentist appointments will entail, but basically I need a (second) route canal, several cavities filled, and a mouth guard for sleeping to just name a few of the procedures. Plus, on top of those, I also have to have 5 gum surgeries so that my teeth don’t fall out completely. Fortunately, the surgery will not be as bad as I pictured (I thought I’d have to have my mouth wired shut for several weeks…) and I really like the dentist who will do the procedure!

Nonetheless, I will once again become a reoccurring visitor to the dentist. Will this ever end?

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