Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

•No set plans = bliss!
•Lately, we've been on a TVonDVD kick and Grey's Anatomy is currently making its rounds (ha!).
•Thus many hours this weekend were spent in front of the TV and crying at least once an episode.
•We did take a break from the infamous Seattle hospital to clean house, workout, go swimming, and see Up!
•Northern Lights shows movies with a meal - what a concept!
•I am a big fan of McMenamin's theatres so I love that we have a knockoff right in Salem.
•We also made time for church and had the privledge of having Mexican food with the Weathers' after.
•Sunday afternoon had more Grey's and a lovely phone call from my best friend!
•All in all, a great weekend in my book!

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