Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

  • Another great weekend (of nothing!) .
  • These are becoming more frequent and we are definitely thankful for each of them!
  • Friday brought dentist appointments for both Sam & I.
  • Sam has almost perfect teeth; I, however, don't.
  • Future post to come of the horror which involves my upcoming dentist appointments.
  • Following the dentist, we got groceries and went to the mall to pick up our FREE $10 gift cards!
  • If you're asking yourself how did we get lucky enough to both be given $10 gift cards for free, then the answer is following thrifty blogs pays off.
  • We also signed back up for cable and Comcast threw in HBO until they can come add the channels.
  • Therefore our weekend consisted of mainly laying on the couch watching lots of movies!
  • And not a lot of anything else (i.e. cleaning) .
  • I did sew a few iPhone Sleeves after church on Sunday.
  • And put them up on my NEW Etsy shop!
  • Shoutout: Thanks Kali for the header and if you need a custom blog design or Etsy header, she's your girl!

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