Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Recap: Lots of Driving

If you would have asked me last week what our plans for the long weekend would be, I would have probably said hanging out at home (oh, what a dream!) , but as usual, plans change. After a long day at work on Friday, I was more than ready for the weekend and due to the weather, a perfect Friday night was executed: watching a movie and baking bread.

Per the last few Saturdays, we weren't scheduled to sleep in. My mom had some things for us and we had a pile started for her, therefore we decided to meet half way between Bend & Salem. Enter Detroit, Oregon. A little town with not much to it but a huge dam. Sam & I began our trip early & met my mom in Detroit at 9am. We ate breakfast and traded piles and were on our way home again. Once home, we spent the afternoon watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes & making potato soup.

Sunday was yet another early morning. We got up and headed north to Sandy to spend the day with Sam's parents. We attended Sandy's Church in the Park and although it was rainy, it was a good time of worship. After church, we went back to the house & ate pizza (a Grable favorite!) . And after lunch, we got to work. Now that Sam's parents are empty nest-ers, they are in the process of making their house more livable for them. We spent the whole afternoon moving furniture around & setting everything back up again. It was long & tiring, but fun to spend the time together.

With Saturday & Sunday filled with family, Sam & I had hoped for a Monday at home. Once again, plans changed when we got home on Sunday and realized Sam had forgot his wallet at his parent's house. And another trip to Sandy was planned. But first, we made a stop at the Woodburn Outlets. Yes, this is a crazy stop to make on a weekend like Labor Day, but I had a return to make & the sales were a little irresistible. We just made my return at J.Crew and then headed into Eddie Bauer. $30 and 6 items later, we were out of the outlets. When we got to my in-law's, we moved a couple more things around and had some lunch. We also picked up a huge zucchinis from their plant and I can't wait to make some recipes with it!

Although we were on the road for a lot of the weekend, we enjoyed the time we spent together & with family. I wish we had a long weekend every weekend :).

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    i love you meaghs. oh my gosh, i am going to call you right now