Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Field Trip: Napa

As I mentioned here, I recently jetted off for a little birthday weekend away in celebration of my lovely mom! With only the destination set in stone (Napa, CA), all the minor plans just fell into place to make a memorable weekend for all who attended (my mom, my surrogate "aunties" - Cindy & Christine, and myself).

Instead of boring you with all the details, I thought I'd just mention some highlights (+ pictures) that made the weekend exactly what it was.

*I have been flying since I was a little baby & even took my first solo trip to my grandma's house on a plane at age 5, so to say I like to fly is an understatement. Love it!

*Remember our sweet little flower girl? Well, she's now three years old & even more fun to hang out with. Check out how excited she was to see me!

*Because we were having ourselves a little "girls weekend", we did as any normal girls should do - get pampered!

*Our meals were definitely high on my highlight list because all the food we had was delicious! Yum... makes me a little hungry just thinking about it again.

*Along the same lines as the previous highlight, I found myself the cutest cupcake shop I've ever seen - behold the cuteness of Kara's Cupcakes! The smores cupcake I had was to die for!

*I could probably write a whole post on the Napa Valley Wine Train, however, to keep it short I will just say that if you go to Napa, this is definitely an awesome way to spend the evening! How can you go wrong with food, drinks, & beautiful views of Napa wineries?

Other things not pictured: lots & lots of shopping!

Many, many thanks to these three beautiful women! This weekend was definitely one for the books & I can't wait for the next "big event" to come around so we can do it all over again!


  1. How fun! Love your Tiffany Blue dress!

  2. Very fun! I've never been to Napa. Definitely on my list.

  3. This look like such a fun trip! I've always wanted to go to Napa. You look great, by the way!