Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our busy, but fun weekend included:

*Having Charles & Kristi over for dinner, then to see Iron Man 2 (in honor of Sam's birthday).

(picture from Kristi's masters graduation)

*Co-hosting a shower for Sam's cousin Jessica's upcoming wedding.

(getting ready to announce the shower game)

*Sam taking some fun engagement shots of Matt & Krista.

(the amazing couple!)

*Celebrating Sam's birthday once more with a weenie roast & some family time.

(the weenie roast)

(one of Sam's birthday presents - the book, not the dog)

*Staying up late talking with my in-laws (both happy & sad tears were involved).

*Honoring the mothers on Sam's side of the family with a potluck lunch & delicious desserts.

(the "mom" pie I made)

Another weekend full of memories & fun. Can't wait for the next (which isn't too far off)!

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