Friday, May 21, 2010

Friends + Photography

= A winning combination!

Meet the Morells. To put it simply, this couple has played an integral role in my life during college & since!

First, they were the leaders on my {life-altering} trip to New Orleans.

Then, they were there supporting us when we did crazy things (like sleeping outside in Pioneer Square for a night, all for the sake of Invisible Children).

There were also many nights of karaoke & themed parties thrown by these two.

And while they couldn’t make it to our wedding (with a good excuse – traversing in Spain), they did take the time to call me & let me know they were thinking of me – a gift I will never forget!

So, when my BIL & SIL-to-be were looking for a photographer for their wedding this summer, the Morell duo immediately popped into my head. Fast forward a few months and the two couples have now met, hit it off, & booked the date! Personally, I couldn’t be happier that this new venture will be capturing the love & happiness that will take place on July 18!

Photo courtesy of Jonthan David Photography

And as a thank you for the referral (although completely unnecessary), Jon & Rachel offered to take a few “family” pictures for us. Here's a sneak peak, but to see a few more, head over to their blog & check us (+ the pups) out!

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  1. just checked their blog and the pictures are adorable! they did a great job with the photography too! i loved reading about how you all appreciate your friendship so much. it's great to see a relationship like that.