Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recent Projects

I'm a list person.

I make lists about almost everything - home, work, etc. - and the feeling I get crossing off a finished item... amazing!

Of course, due to our busy schedule this summer, my list of (personal) projects is getting longer instead of shorter, but because some progress is better than none, here are a few of the items that I have been able to cross off my list (slowly, but surely) and a couple that should be completed real soon.

Knowing what I go through when I try to reach something on a high shelf, my MIL found me a little stool to use around the house. The only problem is that it really did go with my home decor, so after a little paint job it now fits right in!

Deep inside my closet I have a pile that consists of items that just need a little mending or slight altering and knew that if I didn't get to them soon, they have to wait to be worn until next spring/summer. Therefore, I crossed this one off last month!

These necklaces are two of my favorites, but unfortunately they hung too low around my neck. Using some pliars & scissors, I was able to undo the hardware, shorten the ribbon, & put it all back together in no time at all. Now I want to wear them every day!


Since recieving my first digital camera, it's been harder for me to actually print out pictures we take. I guess I figure since it's on my computer I don't need them in an album. Well, I've changed my mind and instead of scrapbooking, I've decided to make photo books of several large events in our life thus far. This one is still a work in progress as these books take time & money.

And lastly, since receiving the pictures from our lovely photoshoot a few months back, I've been craving a blog update and immediately contacted Krameymartin Designs once again. Stay tuned, as this one is also still in the design stages and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Are you a list maker? What motivates you to get things done?

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