Friday, July 30, 2010

Currently I am...

Since I'm away from the internet to celebrate my best friend's last single weekend before she gets married, I thought I'd share a little about who I am right now.

...watching a lot of TVonDVD: Glee: Season 1, Bones: Season 3 & 4, & The Wire: Season 4. And I can't forget how I got sucked in once again to ABC's The Bachelorette, but I think that might have something to do with the company that I share on Monday nights.

...reading Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter and while I've loved all of her previous books, this one has me wrestling with my own insecurities from growing up in a divorced family atmosphere and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

...excited to have found a little time to sew, even if it was a simple accessory that will be used this weekend on the lovely bride-to-be. My head is swarming with ideas, so there might be some crafty-ness in the future here at Grable Tales.

...listening to several of the Glee soundtracks on repeat (Vol 1, 2, & 3 to be exact). I generally work alone at work, which provides many hours of iPod listening, & the Glee Cast is to thank for keeping me motivated for the last two weeks.

...looking forward to getting my weekends back after the busy summer we've had. Don't get me wrong, I have loved everything we've been a part of for the last few months, but I am ready for some more weekends at home with my husband.

...loving how handy my husband has been lately! From clearing our overgrown creek to painting our garage, he's got it done before I even have a chance to lend a hand. I wonder what else he has up his sleeve...

...missing our families after seeing them so much lately. My mom is coming for another (short) visit next week, but that might be the last time I see her until Thanksgiving. And there are no current plans to see Sam's family in the next month, which is very unusual, and I am hoping that changes soon.

...dreaming about what our future looks likes - where we'll be, what we'll be doing, and who we will be. Then I have to remind myself to live in the present and everything will work itself out. Easier said than done, right?


  1. I love you Meaghan...What else can I say?

  2. It's cool to think about who you are every now and then. It's also cool to think that a blog can give you a format to write out your thoughts like that. You seemed to spend a lot of time talking about not just who you are but what you do. I guess that defines who we are to some degree. That would mean I'm an overly committed workoholic. Now I hate thinking about who I am.