Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#photoadayapril Week 4

The last week of April is gone & we're already a few days into May - wow!  The prompts that April ended with seemed to be a little easier for me thanks to the little getaway I had visiting my mom.  It seemed that all of our "events" coordinated well with what I had to take a picture of {which makes things super easy, especially when you're on vacation}.

You know I'm already taking pictures for May, so stay tuned to for next week!

+ Day 23 - vegetables {dinner salad}
+ Day 24 - something I'm grateful for {kicking up my feet up after a long day}
+ Day 25 - looking down {@ our backyard}
+ Day 26 - black & white {one of my favorite Sam photos}

+ Day 27 - somewhere I went {to see my momma for a few days}
+ Day 28 - 1pm {pampering}
+ Day 29 - circle {hotel carpet}
+ Day 30 - something that makes me sad {leaving these two}

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