Monday, May 14, 2012

#photoadaymay Week 2

May has been beautiful so far!  And I'm particularly smitten with this month because it holds quite a few birthdays of some of my favorite people.  This week, we celebrated Sam on Monday {the big 3-0} and then celebrated Linnea's first birthday on Saturday!  So happy both of these people were born :)  Throw in a some beautiful summer-like weather, time with family & friends, and I'm not sure we could have had a better week!

+ Day 7 - someone that inspires me {the birthday boy, Sam}
+ Day 8 - smell you adore {fresh cut grass}
+ Day 9 - something I do everyday {take my vitamins}

+ Day 10 - favorite word {WOW, thanks to Kristi}
+ Day 11 - kitchen
+ Day 12 - something that makes me happy {celebrating this rockstar!}
+ Day 13 - mom {favorite picture of us, June 2008}

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