Monday, July 2, 2012

#photoadayjune Week 5

This week's prompts had me feeling quite homey.  All were either actual places in our home, things I do at home, or people I love {which make me feel like home}.  I've decided to give July a shot and hope that I find the excitement I once had for these photo-a-day challenges.  If I can remember that it's all about the little things that make me smile, maybe I will find the creativity that I feel my pictures have been lacking lately...

+ Day 25 - something cute {my favorite girl}
+ Day 26 - where I shop {online lately with cash back from ebates}

+ Day 27 - bathroom
+ Day 28 - on my shelf {wedding memories}
+ Day 29 - soft {one of my favorite spots in the house}

+ Day 30 - friends {some of my favorites}

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