Friday, July 6, 2012

Pinterest Project: Wooden Doormat

Have you ever come across something on Pinterest and thought, "I can totally make this!", only to realize {weeks/months/a year later} that you haven't done it yet? Yeah, that is me on a regular basis.  At least until a couple months ago.

Back when we were working on our floors, the garage was our central location.  Usually a place left for more husband + his tools, I rarely took the time to see what was in there, until I was forced to spend a lot of time in there.  And that's when I saw them - a pile of discarded 2x2's that I knew would make the perfect doormat, thanks to the image I found on Pinterest months prior {below}.

So with little convincing, my husband helped me create a own custom doormat for our back deck by simply reusing what we already had on hand.

We opted not to stain the 2x2's at the time of putting this together, but may end up doing that in the future.  The assembly of the doormat was actually much easier than I imagined and simply required stringing & knotting the rope in between the 2x2's that we had drilled through.  Easy right?

So with one Pinterest project under my belt and a baby nursery to put together, I forsee some more projects in my future.

Have you found something on Pinterest that you ended up making?  Or is it better to just dream about it instead?

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  1. We think alike!