Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns #BHBC

You know the phrase, "sometimes life gives you lemons..."?  Most of the time, the phrase ends with making lemonade out of said lemons, but honestly that isn't always so easy to do, which was the case on more than one occasion with Gal in Margaret Dilloway's "The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns".

From the beginning, Gal's life was not like everyone else's, mainly due to her non-existent kidneys and almost daily dialysis.  Through it all, Gal tried remain independent and make the best of the cards she was dealt by focusing on teaching biology and her love of creating new types of roses.  However, when her niece showed up on her doorstep after years of no contact, all of Gal's plans flew out the window.

In the end, Gal realizes what she's been missing all her life - companionship - and a dream she never realized she had takes front and center stage.

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