Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Style Confidence

When I saw this week's Life Well Lived question about styling my look so I feel confident & ready for my first day, I was a little stumped because I am not in a stage of life where I have a "first day" (i.e. school, work, etc.) coming up.  However, I am in a new-to-me stage where I am needing to alter my outfits for my growing bump, but still feeling confident & ready to face every day.

It hasn't been easy to find things that are 1. fit and 2. are comfortable and stylish.  But while most of my pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit, two areas of my closet have been my life-savers - jewelry + shoes.

I've written on my love of accessories before and I'm a firm believer that a statement necklace can easily turn a plain tee + jeans into a stylish outfit in an instant.  I've also been trying to work in earrings and bracelets into the rotation to change things up a little.  It always amazes me how different I feel when I am wearing jewelry vs. not.

Another one of my favorite pieces of my closet are my shoes.  Luckily I haven't hit the stage where none of my shoes fit anymore, so the shoes I have invested in over the years are still adding something to my often-basic outfits.  Some of my favorites include my ever growing collection of Toms and enjoying my sandal collection in the beautiful weather we are having.

How do you style your look to feel confident & ready for a first day?  If you're looking for ideas, head over to BlogHer's Life Well Lived page and while you're there, enter to win an iPod Touch!

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