Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#photoadayaug Week 4

With all of this week's pictures either taking place at our house or in the surrounding areas, I would say that last week was kind of a "home" week for me.  We didn't have any big evening plans or people over for dinner this week, so besides work, the rest of our time was spent resting & relaxing.

How was your week?

+ Day 20 - today {is a Drumstick kind of day}
+ Day 21 - cool {morning with some frost on the grass}
+ Day 22 - home {sweet home}
+ Day 23 - pair {of Cheerios left after breakfast}

+ Day 24 - path {on our evening walk}
+ Day 25 - fresh {fruit}
+ Day 26 - dream {I wonder what Lily is thinking about...}

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