Monday, August 20, 2012

#photoadayaug Week 3

Last week was just flew by!  I think majority of that was because I had a conference + lots of meetings last week at work.  But looking back, our time at home never felt long enough either.  It's easy to let the days pass us by, but I'm also remembering to count my blessings and pray for our little girl!  {Thank you to those who are still praying}

How was your week?

+ Day 13 - simple {times wondering about the little girl in my tummy}
+ Day 14 - arrow {my next Stella & Dot purchase (finally!)}
+ Day 15 - ready {to go home after a full day of conference sessions}
+ Day 16 - food {a pantry full}

+ Day 17 - face {on Sam's hand}
+ Day 18 - inside {a thumbs up from our girl!}
+ Day 19 - hole

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