Thursday, August 16, 2012

22 Weeks!

How Far Along: 22 Weeks!

Size of Baby: a papaya {8 in, 1.2 lbs} according to What To Expect.

Maternity Clothes: We're having some of our hottest days right now and I'm trying to be comfortable, yet still work-appropriate, which is a little more difficult than expected.  I guess I'd say I'm looking forward to layering this Fall...

Gender: a sweet baby GIRL!  And we've decided on a first name: Charlotte! (the middle name is still in the works)

Movement: Still flutters, which I hope are her, but I told someone this week that although I'll regret it, I am looking forward to a kick soon :)

Sleep: No problems to speak of... yet.

What I miss: My pre-pregnancy closet.  I've tried wearing some non-maternity clothes, but everything feels tight or too short.

Cravings: This week I couldn't get enough of hot spinach dip + bread.

Other crazy symptoms: The hot weather has brought on a little swelling in my feet, which isn't comfortable at all!

Best Moment this week: Getting our crib & having it set up in the nursery!

Thank you again for all your prayers & thoughts for us!  We feel incredibly blessed & comfortable in letting God take the lead.


  1. Charlotte! I love it so much.

    (I think you're way teenier than me but if you'd like to borrow some maternity clothes, I can dig some out for you!)

  2. You look great, and Charlotte is such a lovely name!