Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday!

Every year around this time, I remember how much I enjoy the warmer weather.  The cool morning breeze, the cloudless sky, and the evenings where it's just the right temperature to take a walk around the block.  Actually, my favorite time of year (in regards to weather) is around the late spring & early fall, so YAY!

Speaking of weather though, I'm off to spend the weekend with my mom and when I looked up the forecast for the weekend, I was a little stunned with Sacramento's predicted 106* day tomorrow... Good thing we're heading down to the bay area for part of the weekend, where it (hopefully...) will be a bit cooler for this Oregon girl.

Other than the weather, life has felt like it's going pretty fast.  Maybe that's partly due to my heavy traveling schedule, but even during the week I feel like things are go-go-go.  So it's really not a surprise that the three links I have for this week have to do with some internal feelings lately, because when life is speeding by, it usually means my mind is going a hundred miles a hour too...

  •  This week, Lindsay from Lindsay Ladon reintroduced her Little Life Lessons link up, where she invites others to share lessons that will "encourage and challenge ladies who may be in similar seasons of life".  Right off the bat, her post on being a young pastor's wife struck a cord inside.  Ever since I joined the workforce, I have been one of the youngest employees which has ultimately made me question my thoughts & judgements.  I loved how Lindsay shared that God wants her to "walk confidently on the path He has set before" her, which I just what I need to remember every day!
  • AP from ILYMTC posted late last week on asking for grace and it was so refreshing!  No, I don't enjoy reading about others pain & struggles, but I do appreciate honesty and those who feel like they can openly share with the whole world.  As I read her words, I wished I could swing by, give her a big hug, and hang out with her boys for a few hours so she could getaway & regroup (I hope that doesn't seem too creepy...).  Once thing is for sure, this mothering gig isn't for the faint of heart!
  • Lastly, Diana shared her thoughts on envy after reading past loss posts on The Spohr’s Are Multiplying.  Diana's post really hit close to home because envy has been a major feeling I've been wrestling with lately.  See, while I'm so happy for my friends who either have welcomed a little one in the last year or expecting one soon, I can't help but feel super jealous that I'm not going through the same thing.  I commend Diana for being so open every day with how she's feeling after the loss of her twin boys and once again, knowing that I am not alone in my thoughts of "why me?" really takes some of the weight I have been carrying off of me.

So that’s what I’m thinking about this week.  What's grabbed your attention this week. 

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