Friday, June 21, 2013

Six Months

Back in December, I remember meeting with a doctor at my follow up appointment after my c-section and she was talking about what the future might look like after what we’ve been through.  She shared her thoughts on what six months, nine months, and even twelve-eighteen months from then might looks like for us.  And to have actually reached one of those “months” after saying goodbye to Charlotte feels like an incredible accomplishment in my book.  In fact, I distinctly recall leaving the exam room and saying, “we are never going to make it to six months!” because at the time, I wasn’t sure if we would…

Has it been easy? No way!  Some days are harder than others --- it will probably always catch me off guard when people who don't know about Charlotte's story ask how she is going, or someone new asks how many kids we have, and when I see a little girl who is around the same age Charlotte would be my heart will always skip a little beat.  But knowing that we have the love, grace, and understanding from our family & friends has really made a huge difference in my opinion.

Many people still ask me how I'm doing and although I don’t really know any differently, I would say I’m doing alright.  There are still tears and a bit of anger, but after all is said and done, works can't describe how thankful I am that we got to meet and hold our bright-eyed baby girl six months ago, even for a short amount of time.

December 21, 2012 feels like a lifetime ago and yet, it feels like just yesterday in a lot of ways too. And regardless of how much of a blessing and curse these memories can be, I pray we can continue to remember our sweet baby Charlotte as often & much as possible!


  1. Beautiful, honest post. I love how open you are about this journey you've been through. Praying for you always!

  2. I know you think about our Charlotte always, and I wanted you to know that I do too, I'm sure not as much as you and Sam, but I do think of her often. I wish Donna and I could take your pain and sadness. It helps me to know that she is with our Savior, waiting for us. But I still do miss her.