Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of Summer

The other day, I turned to Sam and said, “Can you believe it’s almost September?” He replied with a no and my brain began racing – what have we been doing all summer?

Of course, we don’t have the traditional summer months off now that we’re no longer in school, but it’s still the summer season nonetheless. I began to think back through June, July, & August and realized that we’ve averaged about half the weekends at home and half somewhere else. We made trips to Bend and Sandy for family times and we also had our first getaway since getting married. When we were home, we worked in the yard and we lounged on the couch . In my mind, I wouldn’t change a thing about our “summer”.

With August coming to a close, our last week before September is booking up quite nicely. Typically our week is the following: Monday – Friday, we go to work, then the gym, and then have dinner at home; Saturday & Sunday are filled with whatever we can’t get done during the week, church, and trips to the gym. Throw in a dinner with the Weathers once in a while and you’ve got our normal week. We’re not that social (and we don’t mind at all) . But next week is something different. We still have work & the gym, but we’re also going to see a few more people this upcoming week. On Saturday, we’re having dinner with our friend (and one of Sam’s housemates from college) Tim. Then on Wednesday, Kali & I are getting together to sew! I’m really excited about this because we both received sewing machines for our birthdays and I’m just not sure where to begin. It’ll be exciting to hang out with her again.

I’m excited for Friday because I’m taking the day off to prepare for the Grable Family Weekend that is happening Friday night to Sunday. Normally, I wouldn’t have to take a day off to get ready for a trip, but this trip is sort of a stay-cation for us. Sam’s parents and sister & brother-in-law are coming to Salem (a middle meeting place between Sandy & Eugene) on Friday to stay the night at our house. Saturday will bring Sam’s brother & brother’s girlfriend up to Salem and we’ll take off to the beach! We’ll come back to our house to sleep on Saturday night and then spend Sunday doing something around Salem (maybe Silver Falls or the Waterfront) . I’m actually really excited to have everyone at our house because then I don’t have to worry about packing or forgetting something. What I’m a little worried about is the sleeping arrangement, but I know we’ll get it figured out. Post to come after the weekend.

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