Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap: A Graduation/Birthday party

I have some awesome siblings by both blood & marriage (more on them in a future post) and this weekend Sam's family all got together to celebrate both a graduation & a birthday for my brother-in-law, Matt.

Matt graduated from the University of Oregon back in June, but with his 25th birthday occuring last Friday, his parent's thought it'd be fitting to combine the two occasions. And so we all gathered in Sandy for Matt's parties!

We ate pulled pork sandwhiches, garden burgers, macaroni & cheese, salad, chips, rice krispie treats, peach pie (made by me!) , and more! Then we sat around, talked, laughed, played volleyball, and some (a.k.a. the little ones) took a dip in the pond. And a potentially rainy Sunday turned into a perfect party day!

Thanks for graduating & growing a year older Matt -- we'll party with you anytime!

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