Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Small World

Last fall, I was browsing blogs & landed in a group on Flickr called 'The Working Closet'. The idea behind this group is to post the outfit you wear to work that day and let people comment on it. As someone who loves seeing what other people wear on a daily basis (am I weird?) , I immediately fell in love with the group. One of the people in the group looked familiar, but I couldn't figure it out until she commented on one of my pictures asking if I had went to George Fox. To make a long store short, we both graduated from George Fox (a year apart) and are now living and working in the Salem area. I've also been following her blog and already felt like I have known her for years, but truth be told, I didn't actually meet her in person until last night!

Kaleigha & I met for dinner at Red Robin and quickly began exchanging questions & answers. It was honestly much more relaxed than I thought it would be. I was worried that I'd bore her or we'd have nothing to say but "Hey, I went to George Fox! Me too!", but that's the complete opposite. We both left dinner excited for the prospect of future hangouts & a new friendship, something I've been craving for the last year!

{photo by Kaleigha}

And if Kaleigha wasn't just a fun person to hangout with, she also has a lot of talent. Check out the new blog facelift! I love how unique it is to our blog and can't wait to show it off! Thanks Kali, can't wait to hangout again soon!

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  1. You are too sweet! My pleasure on the blog front. Let me know if you need updates.

    The Arbor here we come!