Thursday, August 6, 2009

Friends to Neighbors

Charles & Kristi having fun!
{photo from Kristi's facebook page}

I was first introduced to Charles & Kristi through Sam back in 2004. I was initially pretty nervous around them because I knew Sam hadn't been seroiusly interested in anyone before me & I feared that they thought I would break his heart. Fortunately, that wasn't the case and I quickly pushed those ill-feelings away.

Since Sam & Charles were roommates, I had a lot of (good) time to get to know both Charles & Kristi that year. Then the boys graduated & 4 months later, moved in together. More time to hang out! Then in June of 2006, Charles & Kristi were married (forcing Sam to move out and us to make more of an effort to hang out) . With Sam's job in Salem, where Charles & Kristi were living, it made it easier to see them on a more consistent level.

When we got engaged & began to think about where we'd end up after getting married, Salem remained high on our list because it already had the plus of a job & friends! As we were looking for a house to buy, I secretly hoped we end up close to Charles & Kristi so that we wouldn't have the excuse not to hang out. And my hopes were answered! With maybe 4 or 5 blocks between us, we are practically neighbors and I'm so thankful for this!

In the last year, they have been very hospitable in welcoming us to their home, church, and city they grew up in. If we are ever wondering where something is, they are the ones that point us in the right direction. If we happen to be taking a walk & they are home, they invite us in (and vice versa) . And let me tell you, they are still as fun as they were 4 years ago! They know how to laugh and always have the best stories to tell!

I know that if we ever move away from each other, the friendship will remain intact & strong. And that reminds me that I am pretty thankful to have a couple who shares our same morals & interests that happen to live just down the street - what a blessing!

Thank you to the Weathers' for your awesome friendship and we can't wait for more fun times together soon!

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