Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Recap: Garage Sales & Shopping

Our friends (& neighbors) put together a multi-family garage sale this weekend. Friday after work, I stopped by home to pick up a table and a few last minute additions to the sale. When I arrived, they had most of the items priced & set out for the following morning. After a few more drop offs, we decided to call it a night. Instead of going our separate ways, Sam & I stuck around for dinner & a movie with the Weathers. The movie choice was Knowing, which gave me a difficult time falling asleep that's all I'll say.

Saturday was an early morning. I headed down the street to lend a hand at the garage sale. They had a great flow and lots of people making offers and picking up things they never knew they needed. I had to leave at 10am so I could get on my way to the Woodburn Outlets to meet my MIL & SIL. We shopped (until we dropped) for close to 3 hours & then finished off the the trip with lunch.

The afternoon was spent cleaning house (a new favorite past time) & doing laundry, although Sam had taken it upon himself to do a lot of it himself (love him!) . We BBQ'ed for dinner and ended the night with a couple games of Blokus.

Again our Sunday was like usual: breakfast, church, lunch. We threw in a workout & some time in the pool. It made me want to go swimming at least once a week. I made my favorite comfort food - Macaroni & Cheese - and Sam made some delicious Ranger Cookies.

The weekend started out non-stop, but ended pleasantly quiet. I like when that happens!

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