Monday, December 10, 2012

#fmsphotoaday December Week 1

December feels like a big deal for a couple reasons - 1. {the obvious that I can't stop talking about...} this is the month we get to meet our much anticipated & prayed for baby girl, 2. it's the final month of the year, which is usually a busy one with holidays & whatnot, and 3. it's my twelfth month of participating in Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day prompts.  I've probably said it once a month, but this might be my last month for at least a little while.  I am hoping I can finish out this month to say I did the whole year at least, but my guess is life is going to be extra busy in just a few short days... Stay tuned to see what happens :)

+ Day 1 - 8 o'clock {making cookies}
+ Day 2 - peace {by the Christmas tree; comforted by all the prayers for our little girl by people who haven't even met her yet}
+ Day 3 - something I held {frozen yogurt after our 38 week appointment}

+ Day 4 - black & white {& yellow all over}
+ Day 5 - looking up {many hours spent propping my feet up, even at work}
+ Day 6 - where we live {our living room}

+ Day 7 - stars
+ Day 8 - someone I love {Sam + Lily}
+ Day 9 - out & about {actually just out at the in-law's house, sitting by their tree}

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