Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Showered with Love

When we received our difficult news back in July, I wasn't sure I wanted to have any baby showers because I was afraid they would make me sad or disconnected.  But after much thought, I realized that all my family & friends wanted to do was shower us with love + gifts so we could be the most prepared for this new adventure ahead of us {whatever that may look like}.

To say we were blessed by each & every guest who attended would be an understatement.  Family came together from far and wide.  Friends who I hadn't seen in years showed up to join the fun and festivities.  And everyone told me how much they already love our baby girl and are praying for her every day {which was by far the best gift we could ever receive!}.

Our first shower was held in Bend, OR --- a place filled with childhood memories.  My mom reserved a table at one of our favorite breakfast spots and people I've known for over 20 years gathered together for a couple hours of good food and even better company.

The second shower was held in El Dorado Hills, CA at my aunt's house.  This shower was mainly for Sam + I's family who are located in California.  Grandmas, aunts, cousins, and friends gathered together for a poolside party thrown by my mom + aunt.

We were blessed to have our third shower in Salem, OR.  As soon as I walked in, I knew this one was all about the details.  There were delicious breakfast foods + drinks, a onesie decorating area, and decor to match.  It was simple, but beautiful, and in my opinion, I feel like it could give Pinterest a run for it's money :)

Our fourth shower was thrown by my SIL's in Sandy, OR.  Another shower that didn't skimp on the details, this one was all about the bows + buttons for our little girl.  The decor was bright and the games were fun.  And yet again, I felt blessed by all the people who showed up to love on us.

The last shower was also in Salem, OR and put on by some good friends I've made at work {I forgot to take any pictures!}.  It was a simple, open house, yet I cherish this one a lot because as I have realized, you truly do spend a lot of time with the people you work with and thinking back, they have seen much more of this pregnancy than most of my family + friends.

I hope it's obvious, but if not, let it be said that we are blessed!  Not only do I feel like we've got a good start on what we need to provide for our little girl, but the love + prayer that we have all around us makes me feel like we can overcome anything that comes our way! 

Thank you to those who attend one or more of these showers and a special thank you to those who took the time to put each & every one of these showers together.  We love you all!

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