Monday, December 31, 2012

#fmsphotoaday The Rest of December

Sorry for the absence of these posts. It's probably obvious, but December was a busy month for us and after the first full week of the month passed us by, we were in complete baby mode. We welcomed our much-anticipated bundle of joy on 12.12.12, but sadly said goodbye all too soon to our shooting star on 12.21.12.

Some may wonder why I continued posting my photo-a-day with everything we had going on, but I wanted to finish something that I had been doing all year. So I did.

And now that it's the end of 2012, I think I will take a break from this project. It's been really good in helping me see the beauty in the little things and I hope I can continue to post pictures of those moments that catch my eye.

+ Day 10 - under {the Portland bridges on our way back to Salem after our last baby appointment}
+ Day 11 - sweet {a husband who gets up at 4am to make you breakfast before you can't eat for 8 hours}
+ Day 12 - hat {a seasonal one for our Christmas baby}
+ Day 13 - lights {dim & calm in the NICU}

+ Day 14 - green {my ID bracelet that gets me into the NICU whenever I want}
+ Day 15 - outdoors {the closest I've gotten in 4 days...}
+ Day 16 - something I made {with the help of Sam, baby C's little toes}
+ Day 17 - on the floor {lots of NICU equipment}

+ Day 18 - makes you feel merry {the care + love we feel from the Randall Children's Hospital NICU team}
+ Day 19 - something beginning with 's' {a sleepy daddy (Sam) with his baby girl}
+ Day 20 - weather {looks about how we feel right now...}
+ Day 21 - tree

+ Day 22 - decoration {my all-time favorite}
+ Day 23 - joy is... {my favorite niece in Christmas pajamas}
+ Day 24 - tradition {seeing a movie in Christmas Eve or Christmas Day}
+ Day 25 - lunchtime {snack}

+ Day 26 - mess {= me, whenever I look at this picture of Sam + Charlotte}
+ Day 27 - how I relax {feet up, under a blanket}
+ Day 28 - cold {walk}
+ Day 29 - hot {chocolate}

+ Day 30 - something that made me smile this year {spending 9 days as a family of three with Sam & Charlotte}

+ Day 31 - self-portrait {what a year it's been...}

Thank you to all of you who commented on my photos throughout the year.  This was a fun project and a good way to document the ups & downs of 2012.

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