Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites - The Four Gift Rule

As an avid and daily blog reader, I have quite the collection of starred posts in my Google Reader that fit into one of two categories: 1. they either speak to me or 2. they are make me want to {try to} DIY or 3. they introduce me to a new product.  Sometimes I go back at reread these posts and other times I just forget I’ve starred them at all.  So instead of letting them pile up in my Google Reader, I thought it’d be best to share some of my favorites with my readers, especially since I know how much I enjoy being introduced to new {to me} blogs that peak my interest and keep me coming back for more.

This week's favorite is a pin that I found on Pinterest months ago and felt like it was just what I was looking for.  A little backstory --- every year around this time, I find myself finishing up my Christmas shopping and doing everything I can to find the perfect present for everyone on my list.  And I will be the first to admit that I live to spoil my loved ones with everything they want/need!  However, in a time where money is a little tighter and people don't always need more "stuff", my gift giving direction has shifted a little from the past and this year I am giving The Four Gift Rule a try.

Easy right?  In a world where consumerism is at an all time high, the simplicity of this list is what really attracted the idea in the first place.  And while the intention is for kids, I think it can really be a guide for anyone on your list.  It can be big or small, but instead of stressing over tracking down a pile of gifts that someone may or may not truly enjoy or just buying whatever is on their wish list this year, The Four Gift Rule allows expectations to remain in check and opens the doors to a little creativity on the buyer's part.

Here are a couple posts from other bloggers I follow on their Christmas plans:
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What are you doing for Christmas gifts this year?

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  1. Sounds great! The only think I "want" on my list is a Canon 1Dx. I "need" a 27" iMac. I promise I will "wear" out both gifts and I can "read" the user manuals.