Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#fmsphotoaday November Week 2

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, I think you could find me lying down almost all weekend {the third trimester tiredness is no joke!} and I'm thankful for the lack of plans we had so I could rest without the guilt.  But alas, I'm back at work and by the looks of my calendar, I'm almost afraid to blink in fear that all the time I thought I had is going to fly by...

Can you believe we're almost halfway through November?

+ Day 5 - 5 o'clock {heating my aching back}
+ Day 6 - a favorite thing {trying new samples from Influenster}
+ Day 7 - reflection {@ 34 weeks!}

+ Day 8 - something I do everyday {drive}
+ Day 9 - small {-est diaper I've ever seen}
+ Day 10 - can't live without {my body pillow right now}
+ Day 11 - night {by candle light}

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